Inner Beauty Facial Scrub

Made in Australia
Ref No. WD9010S
Detoxifying Facial Scrub
– Gel form Scrub for all types of skin –


Visibly youthful looking skin within 2 weeks*
Created to soften cutis, remove aged cutis, and promote growth of new skin cells, you can experience revitalized skin, and soft, supple complexion with that pleasant clean and refreshing feeling after each exfoliation.
*After regular use
  • Clarifying, pore cleanser
  • Free from impurities
  • Refines your pores whilst deeply cleanses your skin
  • Feeling refreshing, tender & a brand new skin
No artificial preservatives, No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrance.


Massage onto damp skin gently in circular motion with your fingertips, and rinse off with water.
Begin by using twice a week. Once your skin becomes soft and supple and your pores refined, continue to use twice a month.
50ml lasts approximately 1.5 months.


The Peony, Vitamin E, Cucumber Oil, Distilled Water, Ossein (Marine Collagen), Papain, Atractylodes and Natural Organic Acid.


50ml e1.76 Fl Oz
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