Awarded Beauty Insider’s 2021 Beauty & Wellness Awards For WD Products

Awarded Beauty Insider's Beauty & Wellness Award For 2021:
Best Natural / Organic Skincare and Hair Care Products

We are very honoured to be awarded the Beauty Insider’s 2021 Beauty & Wellness Award for not just one of our products, but two – for both our all natural shampoo, Nature’s Crown Shampoo as well as our facial cleanser, Liquid Love For The Face.

This award by Beauty Insider didn’t come easy as they took extra care and effort to sift and test over 700+ beauty products from local to conglomerate brands, as well as put it through thousands of votes by the public, Beauty Insider’s editorial team, product trial team, beauty ambassadors as well as invited industry guest judges.

This award helps to reinforce our confidence when it comes to delivering the great body and skincare products backed by traditional TCM research and the best TCM-based ingredients.

Liquid Love For The Face

Liquid Love For The Face has moisturising properties, also leaves our skin visibly brighter & lovelier with regular use within 2 weeks. Filled with natural extracts, this is one of our proudest skincare cleanser that ensures deep cleansing, eliminating dirt thoroughly whilst moisturising skin with the very nutrients it craves.

Nature’s Crown Shampoo (Shampoo)

Nature’s Crown Shampoo (Shampoo) is a shampoo rooted in TCM, with key ingredients such as Chinese Knotweed, Gingko, Ganoderma lucidum (LingZhi), Common Cnidium, Dictamnus (Densefruit Pittany), & many more etc. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types, with the ingredients working collectively to help revitalise our hair’s overall vitality & glow.

Using a patented formulation, all our TCM natural products including the two products above, have unique healing properties that enables our customers to yield positive results within 2 weeks of consistent usage and most importantly enjoy a longer shelf life than the original TCM herbal ingredient utilised.

Once again, we would like to thank Beauty Insider for these two affirmative awards, and we appreciate all the support and love we have gotten till date. We will continue to work hard to ensure that our quality only gets better from here on.

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